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Our digestive systems are built to break down food, remove toxins, and convert the rest into energy that keeps us going. When faced with raw, pesticide free, nutrient-rich juices, our systems require less digestion and can convert it to pure energy. That’s why we’re such strong advocates for juice cleanses - they give our bodies a chance to rest from doing their normal work and allows our systems a chance to reset. Our bodies can then focus on areas that might need a little more TLC, leading to being better rested, more energized, and clear headed.

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Why do a juice cleanse?

Ultimately? Because it will help your body heal and detox simultaneously. We usually recommend doing at least three days for best results. That time period allows your digestive system to flush remaining particles in the digestive tract, reduce inflammation throughout your body, and rid your body of most allergens and toxins.

How often should I do a juice cleanse?

This answer is best answered by you.  Each person is different. Some people like to do a one-day cleanse weekly because it helps them recover and reset on a weekly basis. Others do a monthly three-day cleanse for the same reasons while yielding a more dramatic result. If you’re not sure where to start, consider cleansing at the beginning of each season.

What should I expect during the cleanse?

The cleanse experience widely varies based on the individual. Most experience increased energy, no hunger, restful sleep, and an overall feeling of lightness and well-being, which is why we love cleanses. However, the most common side effect of a cleanse is a headache, often due to the body going through a withdrawal phase. Similarly, the cleansing period can increase irritability, tiredness, acid reflux, and bathroom use. 

What we’ve learned is that the longer you prepare for the cleanse, the smoother the transition. We encourage you to only drink the recommended juices for the entire cleansing period. That means no solid foods, vitamins, supplements or medications. Herbal or green tea, water, lettuce, cucumbers, or watermelon are acceptable supplements during a cleanse.

How should I prepare for a cleanse?

We suggest starting a plant-based diet for 2-3 days prior, which will help jumpstart your system. It also means gradually eliminating things like sugar, coffee, meat, and dairy if you consume these products regularly so it isn’t as much of an adjustment. The day before your cleanse should be a solidly vegan meal rich in fruits, vegetables, and light grains.

Here are some of our favorite pre-cleanse recipes to help your body transition from a solid diet to a liquid one: vegetable soup, kale rainbow detox salad, and this easy one-pot vegetable broth recipe

Will I lose weight during a cleanse?

Most likely, yes - simply because you are not eating solid food. That leads your body to shed excess waste that has been stored in your digestive tract. While our priority is to help your body rest, detox, and balance itself, weight loss can be a motivator toward leading a healthier lifestyle. A juice cleanse can be a great way to ease into a new diet and new lifestyle by jumpstarting your metabolism and helping you get your body on track.

I finished my cleanse - now what?

Congratulations! While every cleansing experience is different, we hope you have more energy and a general sense of well-being. We recommend sticking with a vegetarian diet immediately after the cleanse and slowly reintegrating each food group after the first few days. This can help you see how specific foods impact your body and lead to improving your diet overall.

Is it safe to drink cold-pressed juice or do a juice cleanse if I have health issues, am on medication, am pregnant or breast-feeding?

We strongly recommend checking with your health care professionals first to be on the safe side!

Our Policies

All cleanses are made to order and are not available in our store fridge. We make cleanses/special orders every Monday and Friday and require 48 hour notice of these juice days for all orders so you get the freshest produce and juice possible.

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