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Cassandra Quarantello started her journey to health over 20 years ago. As a child she remembers experiencing prolonged illnesses, allergies and digestion issues. While children do get sick, Cassandra’s family noticed she had a harder time bouncing back. Soon followed major stomach issues, ulcers, irritable bowel syndrome, and lactose intolerance. It wasn’t until years later that Cassandra started to connect her health to the food she was eating and the products she was using.  

As she continued down her healthful eating journey she ventured into focusing on a plant-based diet in college, which included juicing daily. She bought a juicer for her dorm room and would make crazy concoctions. The change was dramatic: her immune system became stronger and her stomach issues were gone within the year. Years of self study and personal experience broadened her knowledge and curiosity to learn more and more. When she left her corporate position as a background investigator in 2013, she took a pause to find her passion. 

One afternoon, while talking to her mother over a juice, her mother encouraged Cassandra to open her own cold-pressed juice company. With that simple encouragement, Cassandra hit the ground running.

Nourished by Nature launched in November 2014 and has since continued to grow and expand in products. In addition to being part of the local community, Nourished by Nature has an added benefit these days: showing Cassandra’s children and the next generation how to live a healthy lifestyle. 

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“It brings me such joy to nurture my child with healthy, fresh and whole foods and juice. I look forward to teaching her to take care of her body and of course, to not to only chase her dreams, but to catch them like I did." - Cassandra

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